Welcome to Matzke Sales, Inc.

Matzke Sales, Inc. is the most successful and innovative Wastewater, Water Systems, Irrigation, and Plumbing representative on the West Coast with an office and warehouse in the Seattle Metro area. We employ the most advanced methods available to insure superior warehousing, shipping, and technical support for the industry. More important than the investment in technology, however, is the investment in people. Our people’s positive attitude and professional demeanor is what really separates us from every other Manufacturers Representative in our marketplace!

Matzke Sales, Inc. opened its doors in 1954 as WM. A. Matzke Company, Inc., an Industrial pump sales agency for the Pacific Northwest. Thus, the company was founded. William A. Matzke had a vision. This vision is to represent quality manufactures and service our customers with a commitment to strong business ethics, integrity, and service. It is a COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE!

As the new owners of Matzke Sales, Inc., Mike and Tracy Ingels and Larry Olson know that experience is not enough. To be successful, we need the best service, product, price and attitude. It takes superior performance in all four of these areas to keep Matzke Sales, Inc. at the top of customer satisfaction. We exhibit these traits when an order is received at 4:00pm and it goes out the same day. Matzke “walks the walk” when Customers discover that every order receives a personal “thank you.”